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A Guide on ROLE PLAYING ETIQUETTE by charles-helps

We all started out some place in the role play world. Whether it was forums, skype, facebook or someplace else, we started out on our own as newbies. Finding tumblr role playing was like finding a gem in the rough. But we all started out knowing nothing about how tumblr role playing works and basic role playing guidelines to make everything a little easier. Here’s a list of things that I’ve learned over the course of my year and a half of tumblr role playing. These are things I wish would have known at the beginning of my time as a tumblr role player and tips to make your readers more comfortable.

1.       REBLOG AS TEXT. This is the golden rule of role playing. This simple task makes reading your posts so much easier for others. It takes seconds to do and trust me, you’ll love the look of the posts. If you’re not sure how to reblog as a text HERE is a photo how to do so. Reblogging as text makes your posts easier to cut and posts easier to read for your partners and readers. 

2.       CUTTING POSTS. While not required for every role play group, cutting your post keeps the dash less cluttered and way easier to find posts later on. If you’re in a fast moving group or you’ve got a lot of people you follow, posts get lost in the clutter of the dash. Keeping one or two replies for each post makes your followers and partners not have to scroll through tons of reblogs to find other posts. 

3.       TAGGING YOUR POSTS. With my blogs, I go a little crazy with tagging. You don’t want to miss posts and tagging makes it easier for not only you, but your reader to find old posts. Over tagging things is a good thing. You’ll want it to show up multiple times in the tags, however keep in mind that only the first FIVE tags show up in the tag. You don’t have to have the same tags as everyone else, because that would be rather impossible, but know your partner’s tags. You won’t regret doing this. Don’t be afraid to change up your tags if they aren’t working for you. Find the easiest way for you to tag your posts.

4.       NAVIGATION PAGES. Navigation pages are probably the best tool for a role player. You don’t have to have super crazy pages with coding and everything, a simple page will do. I usually keep handy information on my navigation page. Here are a few pages I suggest you add to the navigation page. 1] Character bio: If you have an indie/independent role playing blog, you’ll want this some place on your blog. It keeps your partners informed about your character. 2] Para Navigation. I always have a para navigation page. This will just give your partners instant access to paras. With fast moving dashes, it’s really easy to lose a reply. And if you’re really slow like I am, knowing where to find paras makes everything a little simpler. 3] Headcanons. Having a Headcanon page will allow your readers and partners to understand your portrayal of the character. You can either have a collective page of them or tag them. Creating a page with a tag is simple: HTTP://your-url-here.tumblr.com/tagged/your-tag-here. Example: HERE is one of my own character’s tagged para page. Other pages I usually add on my navigation pages are: a page for tagged chats, one for tagged paras, my ask box and my submit box. Having a navigation page is really handy for partners and you won’t regret making one. 

5.       OOC POSTS. Most role play groups have a separate blog for OOC posts, use them. In emergency cases we understand if you need to make a quick post. We also understand sometimes mobile is finicky with multiple blogs, but use them as often as possible. They just keep the dashboard cluttered. What about indie/independent blogs?  Try and use read mores for independent blogs when possible. This just keeps others from differentiating what is an in character post and what isn’t. The idea behind this is just to keep your readers from having to scroll through tons of posts just to find the blogs content.

6.       MOBILE TUMBLR. Role players all hate tumblr mobile. Here’s a few tips and things to make it less terrible. First off it is a lie that you can’t cut posts on mobile. You can, it’s a pain, but you can cut them if you want. To cut posts, save the reply as a draft before posting it edit out the other reply and volia, you’ve cut your mobile post. Yes, it really is annoying, but it isn’t impossible. Make sure your partners know when you’re mobile, that way they can be sure to do things like cutting, understand why you’re not posting gifs and posts look funny. Also, try the short blogger app. It’s not that bad, especially for creating posts. There’s not really much else you can do with mobile tumblr, but make the best of what you have to work with and don’t let it intimidate you. 

7.       COMMUNICATION. I’m going to keep this one short because it’s self-explanatory. But talk to your partners. Don’t do something drastic without talking it over with them first. Talking makes everything easier. Let them know if you’re going out of town or if you’re stuck with a reply. Don’t leave them hanging. Communication is really the key in role playing [and reblogging as text of course.]

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