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I’ve never lost a role or been denied a role in both OC and Canon roleplays. This one time is going in my memory vault. 

I’ve been told to redo an app as well! Are you planning to reapply as a different character?


It’s now 100% official and law!



I wrote 1.2K in twenty minutes. While trying not to sob or throw up.

Dear Lord that sounds like terror. Props to you, man. 

Nah. Huge breakthrough. It felt good to just write what he’s been thinking. Glad for the development.


I just wrote 2.2K words in about forty minutes.

I wrote 1.2K in twenty minutes. While trying not to sob or throw up.

So I haven’t really been on, but that’s going to change! I just had a major breakthrough on a character I have been playing for two months (I can’t believe its been that long) and I really need time to myself. I should be posting on of the two guides in my drafts soon.

creationdoodler asked: "Hi! Do you think I could get a shoutout? I'm not an RP, but I just made this new blog where I design custom outfits, costumes, and other items for people's RP characters. My schedule is free and I would love to get some requests! Thanks you!"

 Check ‘em out guys! That’s a really awesome idea! 


Around the country young adults get the same letter. You have won a cruise trip, with everything included. Most of them don’t remember ever entering on a competition with such prize, but who would say no to something like that? The surprise is when they arrive at the cruise and the truth is revealed. They weren’t there as normal passengers, they were there as entertainment.


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thehillbrookcaserp asked: "Hello there! Could we get a shoutout please? We are a brand new mermaid roleplay, and we just started releasing bio's! Thank you!"

Check them out guys! They’ve got a really good plot going on here!